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Stuffed Blobfish Plush

Plush Dolls for the Weirdo in Your Life

Teddy bears are overrated. Give your sweetheart something cuddly and unique this Valentine’s Day. All the plush dolls below are (as of posting time) still available via Amazon Prime for delivery before Valentine’s Day.

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On the Simplicity of Love, Oh, And These Pretty Bamboo Wood Valentines

Love is strong, enduring and beautiful in its simplicity. Despite my own long-term relationship with singledom, I hold true to the belief that I am, in fact, a romantic at heart. 

For me, Valentine’s Day has come to mean more than a reminder of the romantic love I’ve lost, or hope for, or have never really found but maybe someday will. Rather, it’s a day to celebrate the love I do share with my dearest friends and family. My daughter, in the wisdom of her six years of living, has taught me more about the nature of love than I’d ever hoped to know. 

I’ve learned that love is a complicated, messy, difficult thing to navigate and understand. And still…

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Blue Star Wars purse

16 Star Wars Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her

Flowers die. Star Wars swag is forever. Need some Valentine’s Day gift ideas for the special Star Wars fangirl in your life? Check out our list of unique Star Wars finds for her.

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