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Kotobukiya Reveals New Street Fighter Chun-Li Battle Costume Bishoujo Statue

Kotobukiya revealed on Friday images of its new Chun-Li Battle Costume Bishoujo Statue, and she is a beauty. I am a huge admirer of the Japanese toy maker–especially its line of artful, sexy and beautifully sculpted bishoujo statues. And┬álike most 90s girls and boys, I grew up on Street Fighter II. So as you can […]

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Barbie and Representation for Girls of Color

As a kid, I loved my Barbie dolls. When you’re a little girl, there’s something magical about the idea of “growing up” and playing make believe about the woman you’ll someday become. Barbie, with her varied styles and careers, taps into the heart of that childhood dream. Still, I remember there was such a limited […]

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