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On the Randomness of Geekdom (Plus Westworld and Blade Runner 2049 Trailers)

Maybe it’s the influence of the new Westworld trailer or the new Blade Runner 2049 trailer or the fact that I’m obsessed with AI and am writing a book about such things–but can we take a moment and ruminate on the fact that 3D printers and flying drones and smart tech are actual things we, as consumers, can buy […]

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Topic: Favorite Robots in Literature and Film

Robots, androids, cyborgs and the like have long been an obsession of mine. As a kid, I fell in love with Asimov’s books and ruminations on the laws of robotics. Something about the story of the mechanical man seemed so strange and yet so familiar. The immortal longing to become human and the human longing […]

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