On the Simplicity of Love, Oh, And These Pretty Bamboo Wood Valentines

Love is strong, enduring and beautiful in its simplicity. Despite my own long-term relationship with singledom, I hold true to the belief that I am, in fact, still a romantic at heart.

For me, Valentine’s Day has come to mean more than a reminder of the romantic love I’ve lost, or hope for, or have never really found but maybe someday will. Rather, it’s a day to celebrate the love I do share with my dearest friends and family. My daughter, in the wisdom of her six years of living, has taught me more about the nature of love than I’d ever hoped to know.

I’ve learned that love is a complicated, messy, difficult thing to navigate and understand. And still, at the very core of it, after all the storms have been weathered, it is perhaps the simplest, truest thing a person can ever feel.

I often think back to the day I became a mother and the whirlwind of feelings I experienced: anxiety, confusion, pain and fear. And yet, like so many mothers before me, the moment she arrived I knew that she was mine and that I was hers. Even now, as we snuggle on the couch, her brown curls intertwined with mine, and the cats lay at our feet and the music plays and the sunlight pours through the window and warms our faces–I think, well this is love. And what a simple, wonderful thing it is.

While things didn’t work out with my ex-husband, I know our daughter was born out of a love that, while fleeting, served its purpose for a time, helped both of us grow and most importantly–brought our princess into this world.

This blog post was supposed to be about some pretty, bamboo wood Valentine’s Day cards I found on Amazon. Please take a look (I’m trying to run a business after all, and your clicks support the blog), but I suppose I’ve digressed. You see, as much as I normally enjoy geeking out about products and movies and books and art–sometimes, a girl’s just gotta geek out about love.

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