Featured: Dragon Scale Chocolate and White Diamond Ring

With Valentine’s Day fast-approaching, I’ll be keeping an eye out for special finds for the geek in your life. Today, I found myself browsing Macys.com as they’re currently having a clearance sale with up to 70% off diamonds and fine jewelry.

I was immediately drawn to this beautiful Le Vian chocolate and white diamond ring.Khaleesi dragon snake scale wedding ring

My first thought was “khaleesi chic” as the chocolate diamond pattern reminds me of dragon or snake scales. Admittedly, reptiles are on the mind as my daughter and I recently attended Repticon in Atlanta where we added two baby axolotls to our little family (I’ll write about our new amphibian babies Rapunzel and Flynn Rider in a later post).

This was our first time attending a reptile and amphibian show. The beautiful variety of snakes in their various morphs and patterns was awe-inspiring and took me back to my childhood when a ball python was my ultimate dream pet.

With more time and research, I hope to add a snake to the family in the not so distant future. I am particularly enamored by the coral glow/banana morph.


Photo credit: World of Ball Pythons

Repticon was essentially a House Slytherin convention. What I love about cons is that they bring together such a wide variety of people connected by their common interests and passions. I’m not sure if the ring designer had this particular demographic in mind, but I can envision many a reptile lover exchanging vows with this unique and beautiful ring.


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