Best Sci-fi Inspired Summer Swimwear

I’m a late bloomer with this, but it’s only recently that I’ve taken a greater interest in fashion and developing my personal sense of style. I’ve always disliked shopping in the traditional sense. There’s something completely un-fun about cramming yourself into a small space and trying on clothes in front of unflattering mirror angles and under bad lighting.

All I can say is praise be to the internet as I no longer have to subject myself to such things.

One of my favorite online stores was introduced to me by a co-worker. ASOS offers some very cool, sexy styles for a variety of body shapes and sizes–and at pretty affordable prices too. Not to mention you can sign up for unlimited two-day shipping, including for returns in case a purchased item doesn’t look or fit just right.

I’m still in the process of transitioning from the boring office clothes and stretchy maternity jeans (my daughter’s almost 6–it’s time to let those go) to the stylish, confident, body positive almost-30 woman I envision in my mind.

My daughter started school last week (in JULY guys), so perhaps I’m in open rebellion to the idea that summer break is over. It is still summer. And to celebrate that fact, I’ve found some unique swimsuits that remind me of some of my favorite female characters in science fiction.

Channel your inner space goddess with these subtle and stylish picks for best sci-fi inspired summer swimwear. You can click on each picture to get the look.

~ Gaetana

1. Princess Leia, Star WarsSlave Leia Star Wars bikini

Star Wars bikini, Star Wars swimwear, Star Wars bathing suit, Princess Leia bikini


2. Ava, Ex Machina

Ava Ex Machina Costume Cosplay Bathing Suit

Ava Ex Machina Cosplay Costume Bathing Suit


3. Leeloo, The Fifth Element

The Fifth Element Leeloo Monokini Swimsuit


4. Zoë Washburne, Firefly

Zoe Washburne costume, Firefly bikini

Firefly Zoe Washburne costume bikini


5. T’Pol, Star Trek


6. Sarah Connor, The Terminator

Sarah Connor The Terminator bathing suit

Sarah Connor The Terminator bathing suit


7. Gamora, Guardians of the Galaxy

Gamora Guardians of the Galaxy bathing suit cosplay costume

Guardians of the Galaxy Gamora Cosplay Costume Bathing Suit Mesh Monokini


8. Alice, Resident Evil

Resident Evil Alice Cosplay Costume Bikini Bathing Suit


Check out more looks here.

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